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[AL PLUGIN] Yaki Armada: Nomadic Pirate Tr [AL PLUGIN] Yaki Armada: Nomadic Pirate Tribe 1.08



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[AL Plugin] Yaki Armada: Nomadic Pirate Tribe 1.08 


This AL Plugin will make the Yaki active in the game. It will spawn up to 5 Yaki owned Mobile Pirate Bases (TL) equiped with a jumpdrive and filled with Yaki M3, M4 and M5. Those TL have no weapons and are lightly shielded but they are very fast and can carry up to 15 Yaki fighters. Each TL will run a script that allows it to do various things as sending a squadron to attack a factory, a TS, a TL, or a defense ship. It can also flee (using its jumpdrive) or defend itself when attacked. The Yaki TL will also repair, rearm and refuel at any pirate base when needed, and a destroyed TL will respawn after a while.The plugin also allow you to communicate with Yaki ships and Mobile Base using the ECS library. Helping Yaki ships will give you money and a good reputation with those pirates. The player is also able to join the Yaki Armada by contacting Yaki Mobiles Bases via ECS. 


Current Features: 

  • A communication system to chat with Yaki ships and mobile bases 
  • A guild system with multiple ranks, missions and rewards 
  • Challenging enemies. 
  • Jumpdrive enabled Yaki pirate ships 
  • Intelligent Yaki behaviours 
  • The Yaki mobile bases can repair hull damages at any pirate base 
  • The Yaki mobile bases can go under cover to fool the police and the military ships 
  • Random name for each mobile base. 
  • The Yaki will become more agressive against players that attack them than those who don't. 
  • The player is paid when one of his ships destroy a Yaki Mobile Base (250k credits) 
  • The player can also be paid by entering the guild and helping the Yakis.



This plugin should run on any version of X³ Reunion, but as usual it's better to have the latest version. This plugin can be activated and desactivated easily in the Artificial Life Menu located in General tab of the option panel ([Esc]). It should be compatible with all other mods and plugins and no restart is needed.


Feature Requests and Bug report: 

Project No Longer supported. Moved to X3TC



This plugin includes a library called ECS: Extended Communication System to handle communications between the player and the ships and mobile bases from the Yaki. You must assign a key to the "ECS: comm. a ship/station" command in your shortcut setting menu to be able to talk with them.

Once the key is assigned, just press it when you've selected a Yaki ship that is less than 8km away. 

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