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Hi all, 

I decided to create these maps because the ones already offered didn't confront with how I was accustomed to view the various races. For example, Argon sectors were illustrated with pink or blue color. Since the time of X-btf, I used some maps that illustrated Argons as yellow, Borons as blue etc. Now it seems that the very nice person (sorry, but I don’t know who it is) who made those maps all these years didn’t produce one for X3, so I tried to copy his/her style and create one that resembles those maps, both in style and color-code. 

One added plus to this design IMHO is the fact that the map is actually printable. That is, it’s actually readable if printed on a single sheet of paper. 

There are two versions offered, both in pdf format. A small one (yaX3sm_v3s.pdf 74Kb) witch provides only the essential information of sectors, shipyards, etc and a large one (yaX3sm_v3l.pdf 393Kb) which is the same in terms of the information offered, but has a bit of eye-candy also. 

Please fell free to post here any requests, corrections, etc. 

Since I am quite busy (and quite lazy) to maintain and enhance these maps, I will be more than happy to give the Excel file to anyone who would like to do so. I have one request though… Please keep them simple, and use the same color for the respective races. If interested please reply to this thread. First one to do so, gets the file. 

By the way, if someone wants to host these maps to his/hers web site, just do it please. Don’t ask me for permission and the usual yada-yada. 

Well, that’s it. Hope you like them! 

Happy X³ing, 




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