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Mod Conflict Viewer 



i've written a tool that attempts to detect whether two mods or more are compatible with each other. 

It splits mods into 'alterations' and 'dependencies', and flags any attempt to alter the other's dependencies or alterations as a 'conflict'. It analyses relationships between backgrounds, bullets, cockpits, command IDs, docks, factories, files, global variables, lasers, local variables, jobs, missiles, scripts, shields, ships, stations, strings, wares, and wing command IDs. 



.NET Framework 3.5 



It can't check whether a single mod is compatible with your existing mods (yet). 

It doesn't examine mission director files or map files (yet) 



Run the program, enter your X3 installation folder in the 'options' window. 

Click 'New' from the file menu, select your mods and click OK. 

Note: the mods have to be in different folders. if they use catalogues, you have to number them from upwards 


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