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XBTF Cheat Save [X9 Vers XBTF Cheat Save [X9 Version]



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I found this save on one of my disks from 2004, this is so you start the game with 6 million credits. If you have not already made a save you have to complete these folowing steps for the save to show up:
- Start a new game
- then go to a nearest station to save.
- Then exit to the main menu and load up this cheat save number x9.

If this one doesn't work there is the x6 version on this website.

This save game give you around 6 million in the start of the game.
I use this in 1.8 version. i haven't use it in the 1.9 version, so no guarantee there.
Also started the game without the optmized direct 6 mode.
just put it in the game directory. run the game & load it. it should be in the last slot. enjoy !!!

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