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Mission briefing fix for stock miss Mission briefing fix for stock missions



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This is something I was looking for here and wasn't able to find. The image below should provide enough explanation:

This change alters the text for several stock missions to provide more details about the mission objective.Â

  • Patrol mission - displays the enemy race (Xenon, Yaki, Pirates, and Terrans in war zone)
  • Return ship or return stolen ship - displays the ship type and sector
  • Station defense - displays the attacking race
  • Destroy convoy - displays the race of one of the convoy ships‚
  • Escort convoy - displays the race of attacking ships
  • Courier missions - displays the size of one ware in cargo units
  • Transport passengers - displays how much cargo is required to transport all passengers
  • Build station - displays the desired station coordinates in case the beacon has shifted

I was looking for a way to manage your reputation without constant reloads after taking a mission and came up with this fix.Â

Zip download that should be unzipped into X3 root folder for TC or "addon" folder for AP. 

I had to remove the SPK package link because for some reason Package Manager renames the text file to from 0003-L044.xml to 0003-L000.xml. If somebody knows how to fix that, please let me know.

If you find any meta tags or typos in descriptions for some missions, please let me know as well.

Updated strings are placed into 0003-L0044.xml. This file that is not present for TC and has just a couple of strings for AP. If you already have a mod installed that changes 0003 text file, it needs to be merged with the file provided in the package. Many thanks to cattafett for this idea.

Update 5/5
Added a change for destroy convoy missions to display the convoy race (or, rather, the race of the first ship from the convoy group).Â

Update 5/7
Added cargo size for courier missions and cargo requirement for transport passengers (thanks, dillpickle!). Also, added enemy race for Escort Convoy.

Update 5/11
Added ship sector for Return stolen/abandoned ship missions. This makes the image above slightly obsolete but I'm too lazy to replace it Smile

Update 5/13
Return ship mission uses two different pages for some reason and I didn't change one of them to display the ship sector. Also, after reading another "How to build a station in Albion sectors" thread the universe forum I decided to add station coordinates for build station missions.

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