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In this generic mission, a friendly combat ship (M6 and up, but not Rapid Response ships) asks the player to assist in attacking enemy forces in a nearby sector. This is typically Xenon, Terran/ATF in war sectors, pirates if they show up enough in force, or other races if mods cause greater conflict. Once accepted, you may escort the allied ship to the enemy and assist it or take on the enemies yourself, if you prefer. All ships are "real" (normally in the universe) - this mission does not spawn anything, simply uses what is around. Surviving ships will return to their normal activity a while after the mission ends.

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Extract the archive to your TC/addon directory with folder information enabled. Or copy the files to the matching directories in your installation directly.

Hasn't been tested with TC, but might work...

Resources used:
-Text file 1175
-Text page 7171 (shared by all my stuff)


Updated - changes:
-Fixed mission guidance not being updated if the current guidance target leaves the sector
-Fixed allied ship target not being changed if its current target leaves the sector
-Improved notification when the mission is nearing the end
-Fixed a rare case where the mission would not end correctly unless the player destroyed more ships
-Fixed a couple of text errors

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