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Hello Folks.

Today I present you my first script: The AI Ship Names. Every AI capital ship gets an individual name to create a better game atmosphere. The script was planned for the ETNO Chronicles mod and a similar version of it will be implemented there.


To install the script just copy all files to the correct place of your game folder. Script files belong to the scripts folder, text files to the t folder.

To uninstall the AI Ship Names, you have to run the script 'uninstall.plugin.names' and save your game after the signal sound. Then you can delete the files in your scripts folder.


With the Addon, you can rename an AI ship manually. To install it copy the script to your scripts folder.

To rename a ship you have to select it. Then start the script 'plugin.names.manually' in the Script Editor. Now you can rename the ship. This addon should only be used with the main script. To uninstall the addon just delete the script in your folder.

Notes at the Start:

This script will be loaded automatically at the game start or after loading a savegame. Until all ships are renamed, it will take a few minutes. The Yaki are not included because we don't use the Yaki in the ETNO Mod as an independent race. Xenon have a random name generator that creates hexadecimal numbers as names.

Descripton of the script:

This script is comparatively simple. The whole universe will be checked for ships and rename them randomly. It is possible that a name is used by more than one ship but this is extremly rare because there are 199 names for each race. Overall, this script has a library of 1592 names! The list of names is separated for each race and can be used at all shipclasses that can be renamed, so it is possible to find a Heavy Centaur with the name AP Argon One. The type of the ship will be set in brackets after the name. Example: AP Renown (Titan)

The following ship classes will be renamed because they are classified as bigships: M1, M2, M6, M7, M8, TM and TL.

Notes for other developers:
You are allowed to change and use this script in your projects, as long as the ETNO Dev Team will be named as the originally developer. But I think that this is obvious.


This script only uses the text file 9100 that is not reserved. Page IDs are 31000 - 31007, so I can't register this script.

Shipnames and changes:

Creating a library of estimated 1600 names is not really simple. I have searched almost every site in the Internet related to this topic. If you don't like a Name (because there is some weird stuff), you can replace it. If you want a bigger list of names, add the name in the list of the race you want to expand. Then you must increase the Number at index 0 with the amount of new names you have added. Normally at Index 0 stands 200 for 199 names. If you add two new names, there are now 201 names and at index 0 have to stand 202.


This is my first script and I'm not a good scripter. But I have got much support from some ETNO Devs: Striker304, Reacecor and ScRaT_Ger had a big influence on this work and helped me developing this Script.

Complains, suggestions and critism are welcome Very Happy.

Greetings Flippi

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