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LU Diverse Game Starts - LUV Edi LU Diverse Game Starts - LUV Edition



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Diverse Game Starts - LU Edition 
For LU v.1.5.1 
Latest Update: 2015-06-03 
These packages add additional gamestarts to Litcube's Universe. My initial goal was to restore some of the diversity of the original game starts provided in the X3 Vanilla game, but as I fleshed out this package, I began to revamp the starts with some new language and starting conditions. Let me know if you have any ideas for alternate starts that you would like to see included. 
One of the principles underlying these game starts is to restore some of the diversity in race relations for the Player. Some starts are mild and sandbox-oriented. Others...will present unique challenges to those who dare to tread those paths. Sometimes you will discover you have fewer friends than you expected. 
Installation Instructions 
Copy the contents of the zip package into the X3 game root, where the X3_AP.exe is located. Start a new game and scroll down below the LUV game starts to see your new options. 
Available Starts 
Argon Apprentice (M5) 
Day in, day out, you labor for any corporation that will hire you. You dream of exploring the universe and making your fortune among the stars. Do you have what it takes? 
Argon Lieutenant (M3) 
Years in the Argon Peacekeeping Force have gained you the respect of your peers and superiors. Lately, however, you have been feeling restless and unchallenged. It is time to embark on new adventures. 
Terran Tourist (M4) 
One of the most fearsome figures in all the universe, you wield the might of your vid-cam. 
Daughter of Earth (M3 + M5 + TS) 
Scion to a powerful family on Earth, you know you are destined to lift your family to even greater heights. 
Bankrupt Assassin (M3 - Challenging) 
Skilled in hunting the unwary, you have few friends and fewer credits. Can you turn your fortunes around in an unforgiving universe? 
Gilligan Squid (TP - Hazardous) 
Transporting passengers on a 3-hour cruise, your ship was caught in an unknown spatial phenomenon. Can you find your way home and safely deliver your passengers to their destination?
And new in v.3, we now have Pirate and Yaki options: 
Ruthless Buccaneer (M3) 
You hold no illusions about your place in civilized society. You embrace the unforgiving life of piracy and the underworld. 
Yaki Ronin (M4) 
Newly inducted into the Yaki clan, nothing will stand in your way to power and wealth.
Simple Lar 
Goner Witness 
Pious Paranid 
Unholy Traitor 
Savage Split 
Teladi Trafficker

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