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This new, complete archive contains all of the bonus plugins, any number of which can be selected for installation.

The following items are in this Pack: Simply run the .exe and follow the instructions. Only the plugins you select will be installed.

The first time you run the installer, make sure you have all of the plugins that are currently active in your game checked. It will update all of your installed plugins to the latest version. If you have a plugin installed and you wish to stop it from running, you may unselect it. Note that in this case not all script files associated with the plugin will be removed, but only the ones which will stop the script from running in your game.

General information about the X³ Bonus Pack and the individual upgrades is in the discussion topic for this article.

File format: self-extracting archive
Updated: 17/10/2007
Available languages: English, German, French, Italian and Russian

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