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This is for the latest beta version of the Plugin Manager
There is a chance this version could be unstable, or break your current game directory, and should only be used if you are willing to help test the new features.
Author Cycrow
Date Sunday, 18 December 2011 23:25
File Size 7.99 MB
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Menudriven, highly advanced autonamer for your X3TC/AP assets.
Author Orfevs
Date Tuesday, 18 June 2013 23:43
File Size 242.47 KB
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Author k0nr@d
Date Saturday, 07 January 2012 00:41
File Size 240.54 KB
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HephCorp BP uninstallation package

Download the archive 'HephCorp_bp.scripts.uninstall.zip' containing the 'uninstall.X2I.HephCorp.bp.bat' and extract it to your 'X3 Terran Conflict/addon'-directory. Run the 'uninstall.X2I.HephCorp.bp.bat' from the 'scripts.uninstall'-folder. This will delete all the BP Hephaistos Corp scripts from the 'scripts'-folder. Afterwards you can delete the 'uninstall.X2I.HephCorp.bp.bat' as well.

©X2-Illuminatus - 17th September 2012

Author X2-Illuminatus
Date Monday, 17 September 2012 18:57
File Size 476 B
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This mod increases the repair laser by 10x. It increases the hull repair amount to 200 from 20 and reduces the energy used to 10% from 20 to 2.

Requires Plugin Manager from Cycrow.

Author Effreem
Date Friday, 20 January 2012 18:28
File Size 2.55 KB
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Being off with a dislocated shoulder the boredom has been as painful as the injury, anyhow as i'm getting better slowly i can release this script 90% written with ONE hand 8)

RAR Download unpacked

Download Site


Military Tracking Scanner & Captured Ship Command Reset

A ship with System Override Software Installed will have the ability to scan ships of class M2,1,7,8,6,TL to find their location and other forces in that sector via the Piracy Menu.

I primarily wrote this to scan for TL ships that held stations to deploy for boarding purposes but adding the other ships was pretty simple and as my next script to be released is "Real Marine Training" it should mix into that ;)

You can scan all ships with TL's or just for those that have a station on board.

Scan Result (example Terran M2's)

The scan will also show you what other ships of note are in the sector, obviously, the less the better chance of a successful

The command uses energy cells at a pretty high rate and is not instant, it can take up to 15 minutes to scan for all races TL that carry stations, A single race scan or scan for specific class is shorter.

Once run you can return the scan not only through ingame menu but it was also write to the log in mydocs/egosft/ap bla bla

In addition to returning the info if you are scanning TL's with station, by clicking that TL in the menu it will deploy a camera drone to track the current location of the TL as some may be in hostile sector (god.deliver.station unfortunately does not set the TL's destination so i couldn't find where it was going so this was the trade off)


Command Reset

We all know that capped ships have a mind of their own on occasions, especially the "AP War" ships - hopefully the clear ships command will sort this out (let me know)

t file 7488

interface command used

Military Tracking Scanner

Author LV
Date Thursday, 14 June 2012 19:58
File Size 22.8 KB
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