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Author marklaverty, Burianek
Date Tuesday, 25 August 2015 18:40
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Here is RESULT of my huge work (300 hours total) indeed : making... looking... remaking again and again...
Hope, i catch eyecandy picture Rolling Eyes
This is TEXTURE MOD. All textures have HQ TGA format instead of old "cloudy" JPEG. All, what i have done - I improved textures files (some files changed) in the tex/true folder. This MOD must work with any savings and any mods, I not see any reason for not working...

SO, In a nutshell, -
Textures in the Game became more sharp, colourfull, clear and bright now.

Stars looks like real stars, but not like hume unclear pionts...
Gates looks like in X3 game.
Improved almost all objects - ships, stars, clouds, planets, lamps, asteroids, cockpits, fire, explosions, STATION INNER INTERIER....
Cockpits looks more accurate and sharp
I make a lot changes in textures ships and stations.

Anyway... better one time look than 10 times say around it....

ISTALLATION - just unRAR and place in X2 The Threat Dirrecory. This Texture Mod must be compatible for all versions of X2, because no scripts, no texts, no DATA added, only changing textures...  
Date Thursday, 17 October 2013 19:55
File Size 121.29 MB
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Author Player.
Date Sunday, 13 February 2011 13:28
File Size 7.84 MB
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Date Thursday, 17 October 2013 21:00
File Size 43.96 MB
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Mod Features:


2. Full In-game Galaxy Map.

3. *Unique Player Station Design (Modular)

4. Pirates Have New Ships TS,M3,M4,M5,M6,M1 and M2. DO NOT TAKE THEM LIGHTLY! THEY ARE NOW WORTH CAPTURING! Very Happy

5. Player Starts In His Own Sector

6. Introducing "Sub-Race Rebels" That Sell Their Own Ships!

7. Map Based On Major City Names And Territories.

8. Secret Stations That Sell Very Rare Goods And Have Very Special Needs.

9. A Black Market

10. Retired Pirates

11. Great Mining and some "new" buyers for Nividium.

And Much, Much More.

The Ships:

CS-Heartland XLCMK1
Rebel Scout MK5
Pirate Broodstar XL4
PLO Sickle XL6
Pirate Dragnar XL3
CS-Razorback XLTS
Pirate Ridge Runner XLTS
PLO Predator XLDMK2
CS-Viper MK3
IRA Rebel MK3
IRA Hunter MK4
IRA Recon MK5
Pirate WidowMaker XLDMK2
Pirate SoulFury XLCMK1
IRA Cloverleaf
CS-Guardian XLCMK1
Pirate Raven XLMk2
CS-Equinox XLDMK2
CS-Formosa XLCMK1
CS-Lexus XXLMV ("Star-Fury")
PLO Defiance LT3
PLO Raider LT4
PLO Storm LT3
PLO Winger LT4
CS-Excalibur XLTS
CS-QuadStar XLMK3
CS-WingMaster XLMK5
Pirate Knat XLMK5
IRA Shamrock


Mod in Mod Folder.....Scripts in Scripts Folder...T's In "t" Folder...Start Game...Pick Mod Confederate...Pick Map Rebels Ridge...Enjoy.

No Imbedded Scripts, So Should Work Fine With Your Favorite Scripts.


DeadlyDa..Without his former works...I would be lost. All the guys and gals at the Egosoft forums for their assistance. Egosoft for making a great game..StoneD..DoubleShadow..And my wife, for keeping my coffee cup full all the time.

I am considering this a Beta because I am still working on the sector descriptions (like writing a book) and may decided to update it later with more features.

Author Pogi
Date Sunday, 13 February 2011 13:28
File Size 5.62 MB
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Author Player.
Date Wednesday, 16 October 2013 13:27
File Size 44.56 MB
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Mod: Heimat V1.5 (für X2 Version 1.4)

Angepasst an V1.4 von Thalon

Eine Mission um einen Heimat-Sektor.

Was alles drin ist:

1. Ein bewegliches Lager, welches nett aussieht und auch eine Menge tragen kann.
2. Ein eigener (wenn auch kein neuer) Sektor mit guten Verbindungen.
3. Ein Flaggschiff, was den Namen auch verdient und das es nicht zu kaufen gibt.
4. Eine Schiffswerft, die seltene Stationen und Schiffe verkauft.

Damit es nicht zu einfach ist, habe ich das alles in einen kleinen Missionsstrang
gepackt, lasst euch einfach überraschen.
Tip: vergesst nicht, das man neu gewonnene Schiffe auch schnellstens ausrüsten sollte.. ;)


Falls noch nicht vorhanden, legt einen neuen Ordner "mods" im Stammverseichnis von X2 an.
In diesen Ordner dann die Heimat_V14.cat und Heimat_V14.dat kopieren.

Solltet Ihr euer X2 zum modden entpackt und die cat/dat`s gelöscht/umbenannt haben,
meine cat/dat in 01.cat/dat umbenennen und dann in den X2-Ordner kopieren.


Im Startmenü von X2 auf "Mod-Paket wählen", "Heimat_V14" anwählen, OK, X2 starten.
Startet ein Spiel (muss kein neues sein), öffnet den Scripteditor und startet das Script
"Heimat.xml". Sollte es nicht in der Scriptliste auftauchen, müsst Ihr es zuerst laden
("L" drücken, dann Heimat eingeben und RETURN).
Nach starten des Scripts bei der Auswahl "null" anwählen und nicht "select ship or station".


Dank an alle Modder, die mir bei der Lösung der ganzen Probs geholfen haben.



viel Spass

no (c) 2004 Metuelisator


Mod: Heimat V1.5 (for X2 Version 1.4)

a mission about a home-sector.

What is in there:
1. A mobile warehouse which looks nicely and also can carry a good amount of wares.
2. Own (but no new one) sector with good connections.
3. A flagship that earns the name and you cannot buy.
4. A shipyard which sells rare stations and ships.

So that it is not too simple, I have packed all that into a small mission rope.
Tip: do not forget, you should equip won ships as quickly as possible.;)


Make a new folder named "mods" in your X2 root-directory, in case it isn`t already there.
copy both Heimat_V14.cat and Heimat_V14.dat in the mods folder.

Should you have deleted / renamed your X2 cat/dat`s, rename my cat/dat. in 01.cat / dat.
and then copy in the X2-Folder.


In X2 startmenu click "select mod-package", mark "Heimat_V14", OK, start X2.
Start a game (can be a savegame), open the Scripteditor and start the Script "Heimat.xml".
If it should not emerge in the scriptlist, you must load it first (press "L", then give "Heimat" and RETURN).
After starting the script select "null" and not "select ship or station".

Thanks to all modders which have helped me with all the probs.


have fun

no (c) 2004 Metuelisator
Author Metuelisator
Date Thursday, 20 August 2015 17:13
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Flaggschiff-Mod V2.0 beta 4
Here a list with the new things:

1. Flagship (M0)
2. Thalon Fregate (M2)
3. Argon Fregate (M2)
4. AP Gunner MKIII (M6)
5. Dragon (M6)
6. X-Trans (TS)
7. X-Cargo (TS)
8. Teladi Habicht (M3)
9. Harrier MTS (M5)
10. X-FireWP (Weaponplatform)
11. XL-FireWP (Weaponplatform)
12. ECM Rocket
13. Tornado Torpedo
14. Hurrican Torpedo
15. Grenadethrower & Grenades
16. Deliver Contract

This mod includes 9 new ships. The AP Gunner MKIII is a remake of the original AP Gunner. The Dragon has an extra frontweapon and some optical improvements.

There are also 2 new weaponplatforms (bigger lasertowers) and 3 new rockets in it. For the rockets there 3 new fabs in the universe. The rockets and torpedos you can buy in serval equipmet-docks.

The new weapon is a grenadethrower which works like the massdriver. It shoots grenades (mini-missiles) on the target. The grenades makes a huge shield and hull damage. Also they have a high livetime so the distance is about 7km to hit the target. The Grenadethrower you can use with all my new Battleships (Bigships, AP Gunner and Habicht). The weapon and the grenades you will find in the split equipmentdocks.

Also there are new Fabs they produce the weapon and the grenades.

I've integrated the Heimat-Mod from Meutelisator.

There is a new ware the WP Deliver Contract.


when you want to use the mod you have to put the scripts in your script-folder of X2. Then you put the *.cat and *.dat files in your mods-folder. If there is no mods folder in the root of your X2, then you must create the folder and then put the 2 files in it. After have done this start X2 and click on the select mod-package", mark flagshipV2* then OK, start X2.

For more information please see the readme file included in the download archive. 


Flaggschiff-Mod V2.0 beta 4

Der Mod beinhaltet insgesammt 9 neue Schiffe die Gunner ist ein Remake der original AP-Gunner und der Drache wurde etwas modifiziert.

Es sind ausserdem 2 Waffenplattformen und 3 neue Raketen enthalten. Ich hab für die neuen Raketen auch 3 neue Fabriken im Universum verteilt. Mann kann die Raketen auch bei verschiednen Ausrüstungsdocks kaufen.

Neue Waffe und Munition der Granatwerfer.
Bei den Split gibt es in allen AD's den Granatwerfer und die Munition dazu. Der Werfer funktioniert eigentlich genauso wie die Projektilkanone nur das hier kleine Raketen (Granaten) abgeschossen werden. Diese werden mit eine hohen Frequenz verschossen und verursachen einen hohen Schild bzw Hüllenschaden. Diese Waffe kann bei allen neuen Grossschiffen, der AP Gunner und dem Habicht eingesetzt werden. Um das ganze realistischer zu machen hab ich bei den Split die entsprechenden Fabriken platziert.

Ich habe auch den Heimat Mod von Meutelisator mit integriert.

Es gibt auch eine neue Ware den WP-Liefervertrag.

1. Flaggschiff (M1)
2. Thalon Fregatte (M2)
3. Argon Fregatte (M2)
4. AP Gunner MKIII (M6)
5. Drache (M6)
6. X-Trans (TS)
7. X-Cargo (TS)
8. Teladi Habicht (M3)
9. Harrier MTS (M5)
10. X-FireWP (Waffenplattform)
11. XL-FireWP (Waffenplattform)
12. ECM Rakete
13. Tornado Torpedo
14. Hurrican Torpedo
15. Granatwerfer u. Granaten

Das Flaggschiff gibt es nirgenwo zu kaufen. Um es zu erhalten muss mann eine Mission erfüllen. Wie man die Mission startet findet Ihr weiter unten. (Heimat Readme)

Die anderen Schiffe sind auf verschiedenen Raumpiers und Schiffswerten verteilt.


Die Dateien flagshipV2*.cat und flagshipV2*.dat in den mods Ordner von X2 kopieren. (Sollte der Ordner nich vorhanden sein einfach neu Erstellen). Die Scripte aus dem gleichnamigen Ordner in den X2 scripts Ordner kopieren. X2 starten und den Mod mit dem Button 'Mod-Paket wählen' auswählen. X2 starten und spass haben.

Für weitere Information werft bitte einen Blick in die Readme-Datei, die dem Download-Archiv beiliegt. 
Author ThalonMook
Date Monday, 21 January 2013 20:34
File Size 1.38 MB
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Author XxNe0xX
Date Friday, 21 August 2015 17:45
File Size 89 KB
Download 530

Firelance is finally out of beta and is now fully ready. Please report any bugs here.

Players can do story or non-story mode. Some cutscenes had to be disabled due to stability issues.

When you start a game, the universe will be initializing, and will be very choppy. If in story mode, just watch the opening cutscene until it smooths out.

All scripts have been rewritten and optimized since FL3.

Here are the highlights of what's in so far:

- 22 shields
- 36 guns
- 21 missiles
- Over 100 new ships and variants including the new and playable M7 and M0 classes
- Over 30 new sectors of unknown regions (not yet fully fleshed out yet)
- 5 new races
- Derelict ships the player can capture. To capture a ship, fly 50km from a fighter, or 250km from a derelict capship and a message will be sent telling you what to do to capture.
- AI ships now travel in fleets of around 5 capital ships, and have been placed in strategic and border sectors.
- AI now uses jumpdrives by default if equipped.
- Races will attempt to rebuild factories if they are destroyed.
- Races will respond to threats with deadly force. The response system has built from the ground up for FL4, and no longer relies on Jumpfleets. Commonwealth races will not issue responses against each other.
- Reputation matters. Capital ships cannot be purchased unless you have a high enough reputation. You need a Police License of that race to purchase them. A new menu will appear on your ship computer for Shipyard. As you rank up with the race, new ships will come available.
- Reputation consequences for destroying ships and stations are now much more severe. However, you can still take minimal reputation losses if you can manage to isolate a ship with no witnesses from it's owner race.
- BBS system stripped of fake news. BBS now only contains missions and other entries useful to players. News has been moved to a new system that will alert the player to real events in the universe. News can be enabled and disabled per race in the AL menu. News alerts only happen for races the player is on good terms with.
- Pirate raiding parties now spawn to plunder TS ships. If they choose a player as a target, they will demand you to drop your cargo. If you comply, they will take the cargo and leave you alone.
- Pirate smugglers now use jumpdrives to significantly increase their chances of actually smuggling.
- Players may now become friendly with the Pirate factions. Once the player visits Brennan's Triumph, you will be able to see your Pirate reputation. If the player's reputation is good enough, the Pirates will not select the player as a possible raiding target.
- The Yaki are a minor Pirate faction the player can gain reputation with. They do not hold nearly the power in the X2 timeline as they do in X3.
- Pirate Space stations are now owned and operated by a large cartel called the Dantai.
- Xenon now stage deadly raids across the universe with capital ships.

There are some significant combat changes:

- Missiles now ignore shields for fighters. Hornet class missiles ignore capital ship shields.
- Capital ship shields are now invulnerable to mass driver type, and wide area weapons.
- Wide area weapons are very dangerous to fighters, so fighter pilots are advised to keep their distance from combat where these weapons are deployed (Split and Paranid sectors will not care if the player is in range of these weapons when fired).

Race unique weapons and shields

Each race has a unique blend of weapons and defensive capability. Here's how they generally break down:

Argon - Master of none, solid in all

Boron - +50% Defensive capability, -50% Offensive capability (Boron weapons are Ion based, and take down shields at a rapid rate, but their hull damaging ability is very low in comparison to all the other races)

Paranid - -25% Defensive capability, +25% Offensive capability

Split - -50% Defensive capability, +50% Offensive capability

Teladi - +25% Defensive capability, -25% Offensive capability (Teladi weapons are universal for all races.)

Here are the fighter and freighter variants explained:

Vanguard - Less shielding and hull, more firepower, slighly better speed, acceleration and turning
Sentinel - Less firepower, significantly increased hull and shield, less speed, larger cargobay
Raider - Significantly less shielding and hull, significantly increased firepower, better speed. Glass cannons.
Military - All the advantages of the variants rolled into a balanced package. Not available to the player without capturing (attempts will not be appreciated by the AI).


Tanker - More cargobay room, more speed, only M class cargo.
Super Freighter - Significantly more cargobay room, more guns, more shielding. A bridge between TS and TL classes. Far less speed than standard TS ships.

There is probably ALOT more I am forgetting. But here's the mod

Installation Instructions

The English Steam version of X2 is recommended. If you do not have that, X2 version 1.4 or 1.5 will work fine with Firelance 4.

Windows Vista and 7 Compatibility

X2 should have the following compatibility options set:

Compatibility mode:
Windows XP (Service Pack 2)

Priviledge Level:

This will prevent crashing and other odd bugs. 
Author SteelRush
Date Thursday, 21 June 2012 19:33
File Size 3.79 MB
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Author Cliff Burton
Date Tuesday, 25 August 2015 17:56
File Size 3.88 MB
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Author Cpt. Jack Sparrow
Date Friday, 21 August 2015 20:14
File Size 12.32 MB
Download 651
Mod only for X2 The Threat 1.4 or 1.5 game version.

Mod add all vanilla missiles different trails effects - each missile have different trail effect:

- Add Mosquito Missile vanilla Argon ship engine trail effect
- Add Wasp Missile vanilla Boron ship engine trail effect
- Add Dragonfly Missile vanilla Teladi ship engine trail effect
- Add Silkworm Missile vanilla Split ship engine trail effect
- Add Hornet Missile vanilla Paranid ship engine trail effect
- Add all Khaak Missiles vanilla Khaak ship engine trail effect

Compatible with all mods, who does not change "TRockets.pck" file.

Mod install as False patch.  

See homepage for more information
Author Zeron-mk7
Date Thursday, 17 October 2013 20:17
File Size 2.83 KB
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rar13Terradine2.1 HOT
Author AdmiralTigerClaw
Date Friday, 15 January 2016 12:59
File Size 77.75 MB
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X2 HD Mod

Date Tuesday, 02 August 2022 01:30
File Size 151.68 MB
Download 255