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Version 2.1 for TC introduces the ability to work with all debris, not just from President’s End, and repair them. It also allows for the dismantling of leftover advertising posters after station destruction. Gates can be restored, repaired in pairs, and reconnected.

After installation, a new command (Debris repair and util) will appear on TS and TL ships, requiring Special command software. This command can be activated in the active sector with debris or nothing as the target.

The first option activates/deactivates debris search, setting player tracking aim to debris of destroyed stations and posters within 5 km. Other options work when tracking aim is set on debris.

Gates are repaired by pairs within 7.5 km. Resources can be delivered by several ships, solving the cargo bay volume problem. Try to use it

Author Xenon J
Date Sunday, 23 February 2014 15:20
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