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Hi guys 

i wrote a little script about the xshuttle.

it includes the first small part of a little story smiley

It has no english readme and one of the ingame-texts is still in german, but i'd appreciate if you give it a try. It is a beta version, i suggest that you don't save while running the script ! 

what do i have to do: 

- install script and model (rei's model of xshuttle is included, copy to mods folder) 
- load savegame 
- look if you can see the xshuttle somewhere (should appear after a minute), if not load again (there is a 2/3 chance to see it) 
- fly to the shuttle, follow him in the next sector (have to be fast) 
- read story smiley
Author dPM_HeMan
Date Sunday, 13 February 2011 00:17
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Name : Race Response Fleets (JTP - jump to protect)

Description : AL Plugin providing improved response by races to aggression by other races(including the player)
Version : 1.5
Date :5/7/2005
Author : LV
Co-Developer : Toastie

Detailed description:

This plugin, once installed, will run in the Artificial Life menu automatically. The plugin can be disabled in the same way as any other AL plugin.

The purpose of the plugin is to make the response of a race to aggression by another race upon its military assets more realistic.
One of the big plus points of this plugin, is that it fixes the problem you would normally have with race ships completely ignoring attacks by the player on other race ships. For example if you destroy a station in a sector where there is a capital ship, the capital ship will normally ignore you. This will not happen with JTP. Both attacks on race ships and on race stations will be met with a considerable response.

For example, there is always a constant squabble going on in Akeela's Beacon between two Argon Centaurs and the Split Dragon, which patrol that sector. If one of the ships incurs enough damage, it will send an emergency signal to its HQ calling for help. Within a minute or so of sending the message, a number of capital ships (M1 , M2 or M6) will have jumped into the sector to render assistance (from within 12 sectors away from the troublespot), dealing swiftly with the aggressor.

Here's the fun bit: the aggressor, now being attacked by the race's response fleet, will call its own response fleet in. This normally culminates in quite a large fight between capital ships. Once the action is over the ships (if they survived) should then jump back to their original sector. Watch out, Akeela's Beacon is a hotspot for such activity. As it stands the races should respond to attacks by other races' capital ships or fighters.

This brings in a quite surprising element of player interaction for an AL plugin. If the player is the aggressor, attacking a race's capital ships or stations will result in the usual warnings from the victim and, if the aggression continues, in a message instructing the player to dock in that race's nearest trading dock to pay a fine within 10 mizuras. The player will have a few minutes to do this before the in sector defense ships are hailed to destroy it. The plugin should also handle friendly fire incidents as long as the player does not keep hitting the victim.

If the fine is paid then the player's transgression is swept under the carpet. If the aggression continues after these warnings or the fine remains unpaid after the deadline, the player can expect to have a number of response ships breathing down his/her neck almost immediately.

[b][u]This plugin is not intended to make the game more easy[/u][/b], It is designed to give a realistic response to hostile situations involving a race's assets. If a player chooses to pick a fight he will get one! If the AI decides to attack another race, that race will respond to it.

Ships and stations in Pirate/Xenon Sectors are not attached to the network and will be unable to call for assistance.

This plugin has been heavily tested with the vanilla version of x.2 1.4 I cannot guarantee what will happen with other third party scripts as there are too many to mention (and test) :)

The more feeback the merrier, Enjoy :)

[color=#e50000][u][b]UPDATE 22.6.05[/b][/u][/color] Changes since 1.3

Only M6 Class ships will respond to fighter attacks now, Unless an enemy M6 or above is in the sector the capital ships will not respond.

Loading/Removal times optimised

Race TL's are now attached to the network.

Fine system is independant for all 5 races

If you already are playing you will need to disable the plugin and the seta for a few mins until it completely reverts, then re-enable the plugin from the AL menu 'Enable Race Response Fleets'

ta for the FB :)

UPDATES FOR 1.7 20/10/05

Automatic station respawning now included and optional via AL menu.

AI stations destroyed will respawn after a period of time and write to log 09556.txt in main x2 dir.

Hopefully i didnt **** anything up adding the log command as I havn't touch the x2 SE for a while :)

Adios X2 scripting ! 
Author LV
Date Sunday, 13 February 2011 00:17
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[b]What it is [/b]:
This is an AL-Plugin, that makes more war-feeling in X2, the "good" races will sometimes ask you for help them while they attack a sector from some of the "bad" races. And also the "good" races will ask you for help, if the "bad" races attack them.

[b]What it does [/b]:
The Script let spawn very variable fleets of the races in their home sectors and then the fleets will jump into a sector from the other races and attack them there.

[i]For more infos, run the script ;) You will see.[/i]
Author StarTrekMarc
Date Sunday, 13 February 2011 00:17
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Author Blacky_BPG
Date Sunday, 13 February 2011 00:17
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AL Plugin: Bountyhunters v2

With this plugin every now and then you will come across some bounty hunters from different clients that desire nothing more than to end your life ("There is no escape. Better surrender now!"). These bounty hunters are of different origins, i.e. there are not only Mandalays, Bayamons and Orinocos, but all ships of all races except Xenon and Khaak. Now you can fight against other enemies without losing rank or search for BBS bounty hunter missions.

- At random intervals your enemies will send bounty hunters.
- If you attack a station, they may pay some bounty hunters to kill you.
- Number and strength of the enemies depends on your strongest ship in the current sector.
- Different Races, not only the four default ones.
- Different messages.

- from now on there are versionnumbers :P
- captured enemies are now really captured ;)
- the intervall has changed again to 1-10 hours
- captured enemies will no more attack you
- The bounty hunters are now flying in formation (or something like that).
- The bounty hunters will appear as a normal race until they are close to you.
- A station will only send bounty hunters 33% of the time.
- The interval of appearing is from 20-120 minutes to 240-480 minutes because:
     1. To keep realism and gameplay.
     2. Not to compete with other (future) plugins.
- The enemy force for M3s is weaker, for M6 and M2 stronger.
- The risk that the enemies are equipped with Ion Ds and PSGs is noticeable lower.
- If the bounty hunters are sent from a specific race or station, they are all of the same race. If they sent from the pirates, they are mixed races.
- Bounty hunters still attack you if changing your ship.
- In the AL Plugin options there are two options: attacking and defending bounty hunters.
- If you attack a station, they may pay some bounty hunters to kill you.
- Other races will pay bounty hunters, too, if you are their enemy (or they are yours).
- From now on one group of bounty hunters is mixed in its origins.
- Problem fixed. Sometimes Mammoths appeared when an M3 was the strongest ship.
- The name of the plugin is from on "bountyhunters" ;)
- The plugin name is now read from the textfile.
- From now on in English and German ;)
- All lines in code are commented, unfortunately at the moment only in German.
- Protection of beginners, the first enemies will appear no sooner than 3 hours for a new game.
- All loops are now equipped with waits, so the script doesn't claim all cpu time.
- Depending on the strongest ship now the number of enemies varies.
- Some of the enemies are now equipped with IDs and PSGs.
- Spawning mechanism improved.
- No more freighters as enemy.
- An error which wrote some numbers into your logbook is fixed (forgotten some trace ;) )
- Equipment of the enemies is improved.
- Improvement of the attacking loop, they now attack more precisely and follow you in all directions :)
- The strength of the enemies now depends from your strongest ship in the current sector, no longer from your current ship.
- Layout of the messages improved.

Simply copy both the folders "t" and "scripts" into your X2 directory (reload (Save-)game).
When you update the script, overwrite ALL files, reload (Save-)game and maybe you should disable the plugin and enable it again.

- Longer and Improvement of messages.
- Better calculation of the enemies (for example depending on number and type of player-owned ships in the current sector, maybe depending on the rank, too).
- Well, no idea, all things that make the script more diversified and realistic.


Author: mq, www.stoerbild.net
22. August 2004
Author mq
Date Sunday, 13 February 2011 00:17
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