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have you noticed how when you open the freight menu of a ship things are listed in a not to helpful alphabetical order
with different types of wares all mashed in together, i did

knowing how to change the colour of text i set to work making a t file with all the wares with added colour code.



as you can see its much easier to find what you are looking for with the added bonus(i think anyway)
of the things you need to get to fast like drones or laser towers are all at the top

side effects
so far there are two main side effects that i know of
first (and this one i think i can fix) is that some of the wares you drop from your ships drones, mines and the like retain the colour
while others revert back to the standard green

now this is only a guess
the ones that go back to green have two ID lines in the t file one as a in the ship ware and one as a in use floating in space ware/ship?.
while the ones that stay white either have just one line for both times
or the in use in space line just points to the in ship line and says use that
if its the second one and i can find the right ID i can fix it, if not no biggie
[color=#ffff33]edit:looked into this and as far as i can tell i can't fix this with out makeing your game modified so i won't[/color]

the second side effects is that all over the game the text for the ware colour has changed. Mostly this makes no difference
other than it making station menus more colourful but the one place it does make difference is
dropped cargo containers these are also sorted but ware type and that's a good thing which is lucky as there's nothing i can do about it

thing i intend to do
i'm sure i've missed things if i have let me know
if you look at the missiles you will notice that they are not all all orange
some have the word Missile still in white(these are the missiles that can't
be bought), some (the terran missiles) have the M in missiles in orange and the karkk missiles only have the first letter
in orange with the rest in purple
this i would like some input from you guys
should the missiles/guns show race or power or use or type

just extract the file and put ti in the t folder of the game you ar playing
and then load your game
i should also say this is vanilla safe and won't cause your game to count as modified

will give credit due at another time as i've been looking though the 0001 t file most of last night and this dwarf need to climb of these giants shoulders

feel free to use in any way as long as i get credit and if any one wants to translate it please do so, so i won't have to 
Author cattafett
Date Tuesday, 14 February 2012 14:36
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I got this done for my own game and thought it could be usefull for the community. Thanks and credits goes to the guys who created the
mod Time of the Truth who implemented this on their mod (they have a whole different universe) & inspiration from h2o.Ava with his dynamic colored sector names. After looking into Time of the Truth mod i figured out how to do the same to a normal vanilla X3 TC 3.1 universe and later on for the X3 AP 1.0 universe.
Author qwizzie
Date Sunday, 01 January 2012 15:23
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[b]This HUD-GUI mod is an attempt at a more neutral interface that would fit with the hue of the sector, by using black, white, and transparency.[/b]

Author juju1111
Date Wednesday, 01 August 2012 12:04
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My all-time favorite HUD design is TrixX's X-Universe Gold UI for TC/AP, which I have modified with some of my own tweaks for my game. I missed having it in LU, so I have ported it over, and I figured, after checking with TrixX, I might as well share it with y'all in case any of you like it too.


  • Gold/Red/Grey color scheme
  • New gravidar design adapted from bolgimo's jc hud
Author TrixX/Solarahawk
Date Wednesday, 17 June 2015 09:48
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Author qwizzie
Date Wednesday, 15 October 2014 13:34
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With all respect to Litcube's work, the gate "globs" have always annoyed me just a bit. It makes perfect sense to remove the bumper car magnets around the gate horizon, and it seems realistic that spatial "jump points"/wormholes/"whatever the gate network is" would actually be 3D spheres, rather than a flat disk. But the game engine is limited to a disk, and until you get close enough to the gate sphere for the nav lights to activate, you don't know if you are on a good trajectory to jump through, or if you will just miss the horizon. Which can be irritating on anything larger than a fighter.    
Anyway, I have repackaged a couple mods for easy use in LU, replacing the globs with ringless gates and colorful variants of the gate horizon. 
Author Multiple Authors/Solarahawk
Date Wednesday, 17 June 2015 10:07
File Size 78.67 MB
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I chopped off the prongs/spikes/whatever you want to call them, added some cargo continers to the back. This model should be fully optimized (.bob converted, LOD's), All that has changed is the model file.
Author SSwamp_Trooper
Date Wednesday, 02 January 2013 21:35
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Author qwizzie
Date Wednesday, 15 October 2014 14:20
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This mod removes the fog from all sectors.

It does not alter view distance or any other background items...just the fog.

Author Argonaught.
Date Sunday, 13 May 2012 22:50
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Author kurush
Date Friday, 09 May 2014 19:07
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Author Killjaeden
Date Tuesday, 28 January 2014 19:30
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