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X³: Terran Conflict 1.0.1 -> 1.4 X³: Terran Conflict 1.0.1 -> 1.4 HOT
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Following hot on the heels of the 1.3 Update for Terran Conflict, Egosoft is pleased to announce the availability of Update 1.4. It includes a few new features to enhance your gameplay and as usual some bug-splatting has been done. 

The 1.4 Update for X3: Terran Conflict can be downloaded as usual from the Download Section. 

The Update fixes many issues which you have brought to our attention in addition to adding new features such as improved marine usage and we have also taken the unusual step of including a player modification in an official update, in the shape of "Gazz's Turret Fixing Mod". 
We have also taken note of some of the feedback you leave on the forums and have rebalanced some taxi missions and improved graphical performance still further. 

The complete list: 

    New Features and Improvements: 

    - Improved carrier support in defend station mission 
    - Smarter Marine selection during boarding tasks 
    - Finished marines are now listed at military outposts 
    - Marine capacity for OTAS Sirokos increased 
    - Timing rebalanced for passenger taxi missions 
    - Gazz's Turret Fixing Mod included 
    - Improved graphical performance 


    - Invincible Kha'ak Station during plot fixed 
    - Stopped Mammoths from occurring during transport missions 
    - Syndicate Pirateship spawning fixed 
    - Several corporation fixes 
    - Occasional Terran scene 4 plot break fixed 
    - Return big ship to station mission fixed 
    - Inaccurate target arrows to complex substations 
    - Several gate orientations fixed 
    - Freight Drone exploit fixed 
    - HUB exploit with Trans-orbital Accelerators fixed

A big thank you to everyone who has assisted us in the investigation and testing of some of these issues. 

Attention: As usual we advise those running the Steam version that the Steam client will download and install the patch automatically; there is no need to download the update from Egosoft.com.

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