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Category: IMPROVE
Number of Subcategories: 12

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folder.png Utility and Library Scripts Files: 31
folder.png Mod ToolsRequirements Files: 14
folder.png Mission Director Files: 7
folder.png X3TCPUI Subcategories: 13 Files: 54
folder.png Ship & Station properties Files: 31
folder.png Hotkeys Files: 15
folder.png Other Files: 24
folder.png Official Subcategories: 1 Files: 5
folder.png X3TC Fixes Alterations Files: 15
folder.png Game object or feature alteration Files: 29
folder.png Artificial Life Subcategories: 1 Files: 45
folder.png Cheat Packages Files: 5


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Ware Blueprint Manager

  • Just a simple little script, my first attempt at one, to add an ability to the player HQ that i was surprised isn't included in the vanilla X3TC. I searched around for a script to provide this, ....

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